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AMAT 43.4443.4099.90%
CSCO 33.4533.4299.90%
MSFT 68.3868.1799.69%
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Customer Testimonial
5 November, 2014
“I like program, gives me very reliable prediction for my companies!"

Jim, Chicago, USA

10 September, 2014
“Software looks good, and I can recommend for day traders – one day prediction working better then next days. ”

Mikl, New York, USA
Portfolio Manager

Track your active assets
SF portfolio manager analyze and incorporates unique logical trade simulator and advanced stock-forecasting technology in the most comprehensive and useful report.

1. The first step allows you to put in each company that you currently own stock in and calculate the basic value of your portfolio based on the time when you bought the stock.

2. The Market Value contains the current value of your shares for “today's” business day.

3. The Estimated Value analyzer displays how much money you would have gained if you were to use the Buy and Sell signals that were predicted from the date you purchased the stock until the present date.

4. Next three columns calculate the forecasted average price of the stocks for one, three and six months after "today's" business day.

You can also set up your portfolio to receive daily the email alerts with companies' next business day predictions. To read more go to email alerts section.

Portfolio manager example:
Company Price Mkt Value Est Value Jan Mar Jun
 A  $36.31 $3631 $3860.50 $36.17 $37.07 $37.67 Remove
 ADBE  $42 $4200 $4446.99 $34.12 $37.71 $35.96 Remove