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5 November, 2014
“I like program, gives me very reliable prediction for my companies!"

Jim, Chicago, USA

10 September, 2014
“Software looks good, and I can recommend for day traders – one day prediction working better then next days. ”

Mikl, New York, USA
Top Stock Picks

The stock market movements unfold in a series of rhythmic patterns "waves" with periodical or non-periodical oscillations. Our advanced technology (Company Finder “MTS”) can analytically analyze the wave patterns and recommend the companies with the greatest expectation of obtaining the maximum profit from the “Buy Low – Sell High” strategy.

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Top Stock Picks
The table below indicate which industry sectors and companies are generally in favor of the “waves” trading strategy (learn more, go to Company Finder).

Industry Company Annual Growth Rate, % Annual Profit, $
Aerospace LMT 34.74% $347.40
Electronics ALTR 43.31% $433.10

  • The calculations were performed in November 2015 and are update monthly. It is not a Demo!
  • The Annual Profit calculates profit expectations from a potential investment of $1000 using "buy-sell" strategy.
  • The Annual Growth Rate is the mathematical expectation of the investment's growth rate (percentage) from November 2015 to November 2016.
  • The table above shows only a fraction of the 30 industries research report available for our customers.
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